Bolivia Wine Trip

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X-Treme Wine Tasting and Distilling in Bolivia

Travel to Bolivia with a small group of adventurous wine nerds who want to see how far humans will go to grow grapes for wine and distilling. The trip starts and ends in La Paz, Bolivia, where you will experience one of the most beautiful cities from the Inca Empire, including trips to markets, a distillery, and a day trip to Lake Titicaca, which borders with Peru. The core of the trip, however, takes place in the southern and remote city of Tarija, Bolivia, home to some of the highest altitude vineyards in the world. There will be two days of exploring vineyards in and around Tarija itself, and then a trip by van into the Andean Cinti Valle. There, we will visit vineyards and winemakers who are carrying on wine-making traditions using varietals that go back 400 years from the post-conquest Bolivian occupation of Spaniards, by Jesuits from Potosíí, who planted grapes in the region at 3,000 meters, or 10,000 feet. In addition to wine, the area is also known for Tsingani, a brandy-like beverage distilled from Alexandria de Moscatel grapes. If you want to experience wines from a region that few people have ever visited, this is the trip for you!

Trip Cost: $3250 (includes all in-country transportation, lodging, breakfast and a daily $50 dinner allowance. Airfare to and from Bolivia, visa (required), and lunches not included)

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 – Group Arrival La Paz, Dinner Together
Day 2 – National Ethnography and Folklore Museum, Andean Distillery
Day 3 – Flight to Tarija
Day 4 – Vineyard Tours– Tarija
Day 5 – Drive to Valle del Cinti
Day 6 – Vineyard Tour – Valle del Cinti
Day 7– Vineyard Tour – Valle del Cinti
Day 8 – Return to Tarija
Day 9 – Flight to La Paz, Mercado de las Brujas
Day 10 – La Paz, Lake Titicaca Day Trip
Day 11 – Group Departure

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